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Fuck Drawing
Fuck Drawing
Ink on bristol
11 x 14"

Cindy doodles in bed. The repeated shape is a minuscule heart. Any time the hearts organize themselves in patterns, lines, or shapes, the criteria is to devolve them into neutrality. The results are solid, flat surfaces. To submit to hours of a laborious and repetitive task, she watches television on her laptop; old cartoons, past episodes of Gossip Girl, and trash programming available for free on the internet. The scene presents a protracted and protected preteen state of being. At times, there is a gestaltist accident that won’t be repressed. Language emerges, visually suspended between the anger of Lee Lozano and the Michauxian moment in which calligrams become ideograms – that is, signs. Fuck.

– Press Release for the exhibition Used Youth at Miguel Abreu Gallery, 2011