Cindy Hinant
The Kissy Girls
Digital Video
Excerpt from the interview "On Coat Racks and Scotch Tape" with Malika Ali, On The Ground Floor, Los Angeles, CA, March 16, 2016

Malika Ali: When I first viewed Cindy Hinant's work, The Kissy Girls, it made me uncomfortable. There is a big void in the representation of girls discussing their own explorations of sexuality and intimacy, but books and movies of boys traversing the exact same subject matter exists ad infinitum. This project was unusual and that made me uneasy. My uneasiness led me to ask a lot of questions, both of myself and also of Cindy.

Talk about The Kissy Girls, a project documenting your younger sister and currently showing in our exhibition "Bang Bang." Why this is this important work?

Cindy Hinant: I was 21 years old when I made The Kissy Girls (2006), and was barely post-adolescent myself. This is actually the first video art piece that I ever made. The Kissy Girls was a club Bonnie started in kindergarten where the kids in her school would play kiss-tag during recess. Bonnie was interested in boys and exploring her sexuality from a young age, a topic which is suppressed and mutilated by our culture. For example, in Wisconsin a few years ago, parents of a five-year-old girl took a six year old boy to court for “playing doctor.” It’s totally absurd. It’s also hard to separate what’s “natural” and what’s a product of our youth and sex-obsessed media. This video also shows my sister at eleven years old defining her sexuality through pop music videos, an issue that still important in my work.

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