Cindy Hinant
Fit in Your Jeans By Friday (Blue Noise)
HD Video
2:36 min
Artist statement from the exhibition catalog for "Concept" at the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, Gyeonggi-do, CICA Press, Gimpo, Korea, 2016

Fit in Your Jeans By Friday (Blue Noise), 2016, is a video that considers the construction of gendered identities and the aspirational aspects of celebrity culture. The video starts with a clip from a Kim
Kardashian exercise video, which is slowly consumed by a blue monochrome color field. As Kardashian begins to describe the benefits of her workout regimen (“fashion demands a hot body”) her voice is overtaken by blue noise, a high frequency spectral sound which is similar to white noise. The work takes its color from the DVD packaging of Fit in Your Jeans By Friday: Amazing Abs Body Sculpt and is part of an exercise video trilogy by Kardashian. Monochromes present a utopic space, where no point has more value than another, and they also represent a void, an infinite window to nothing, which is compared here to the ever­ present cultural void of reality television. Easily dismissed as low­brow, vapid entertainment, the presence of reality television and the Kardashians have shaped our collective identities, even if it they seem to function as background noise.
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