Cindy Hinant
It Is What It Is
HD Video
13:33 min
Excerpt from the press release for "Vanessa Santiago Gully & Cindy Hinant" at 315 Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, 2018

Hinant’s It Is What It Is, (2018) is a surveillance video of the artist’s fish tank filmed with a digital microscope. The stationary camera is zoomed in on a bead of air in the center of the screen, and consequently everything else is blurry, and further distorted by the mirroring effect of the angled glass of the aquarium. Through the aquarium the artist can be seen observing the fish with her black cat, puttering around the studio, taking selfies, and cleaning the house. Mixed with the ambient sounds of the artist’s live/work space is an excerpt from an episode of the Wendy Williams talk show in which she discusses Kim Kardashians 2016 robbery in Paris, and the short-lived Keeping Up With the Kardashians spin-off show Rob & Chyna. This work considers the way we consume and participate with representations of violence in a post-digital environment. The sound of Williams describing the terrifying robbery is background noise, it’s celebrity gossip, it’s as mundane as a Ziploc bag. The work considers the impossibility of processing information, banal or traumatic, because of constant distractions. At the end of the video Hinant takes a red guppy out of the fish tank which had been dying slowly in the blurred periphery of the microscope.
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