Cindy Hinant
I Will Give You A Million Dollars
HD Video
3:01 min
Transcribed excerpt from a public conversation with Kara Brooks on July 16, 2017 at Lit Gallery, New York, NY.

Cindy Hinant: What attracted to me to the footage, was that it was a quiet way to bring Farrah Abraham into this conversation that two men are having about her. The conversation is between Steve Hirsch, the CEO of Vivid Entertainment who produced and distributes Farrah’s video as well as most other celebrity sex tapes, and DJ Vlad who has an internet / Youtube talk show that’s kind of popular. It’s two men discussing in a really disgusting way, another woman’s experience. A lot of the works in this exhibition are about the promotion of rape culture and how revenge pornography is a growing phenomenon.

This was the first time I had used an aquarium, and what I really liked about the aquarium is that it’s a moving image that’s time-based, but nothing happens. The next two works that I’ll show is about comparing the aquarium, which is this non-space, to the void implied in a monochrome. My work very much comes out of the legacy of minimalism. I’ve worked a lot with the grid which is a utopic plane where no point has more value than another. If you look at any moment in a grid it’s the same as any other, and you can imagine lining up sheets of graph paper to make an infinite drawing. So the grid implies an infinite plane, and the monochrome implies an infinite void, or an infinite window. In the works in this show I’m interested in comparing the monochrome to the void of celebrity culture.

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